Lima, named as the "City of kings" by the Spanish conquerors long time ago, it is the capital of Perú, as well as the main gateway to Peru, it is indeed a city of contrasts, a sort of microcosmos of the pre-Inca civilizations, going through the founding of the city in 1535 by the Spaniards, right up to our present days.

It is also renowned by its nearby pre-Inca archaeological sites, as well as by its fabulous museums housing priceless national and private collections. If you have time, be sure not miss the oracle and temple of Pachacamac.

The administrative center of Puruchuco, as well as the Mational Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru, the Amano collection of pre-Inca tectile goods, and the Larco Herrera Museum with its pre-Columnian collection with more tha 45,000 pieces including some interesting pieces of erotic art.The Archaeological Museum is also a must see for all visitors to the city.


During the last years, most of limeños and tourists have made of Miraflores the most visited district of our city. Not just for the well-known shop lanes or cinemas, theaters and galleries that offer classic and avant-garde exhibitions, or its hotels and fine restaurants, or the pups and discos where joy has no end. Miraflores is even more, because no visitor can be indifferent facing a sunset at the seafront and because the district keeps a cosmopolite character without losing the distinctive ecological, historical and heroic profile.

Huaca Pucllana

The easiest way to know the important cultural treasure of Lima is by visiting Huaca Pucllana; the archaeological administrative complex of Lima culture, that represents all the legacy of the society that developed in the central coast of Peru, between 200 and 700 years A.C. Huaca Pucllana is located in the heart of Miraflores, near the center, close to hotels, restaurants and tourist zone. The tour takes around two hours, the entrance is free and well as the guide service (any tip for the guide is voluntary).It is possible to see an archaeological excavation at the complex, and at the same time appreciate the reconstruction of walls and areas of the ceremonial center.


Larcomar is a shopping and entertainment center with a privileged location on a cliff overlooking the sea. It has a wide range of restaurants, from fast-food to upscale dining, and shops that offer sports gear, handicrafts, books and gifts, as well as a multiplex cinema, bowling alley, and entertainment for children. The shopping is all outside, and at night the bars and restaurants light up to provide a dining experience with a dramatic ocean view.

A popular limeñan hangout Larcomar is particurly accesible to visitors because it offers an international level of service, and also because it´s an open space that´s free from the street verdors who aften hassle tourists.


Barranco is a district of Lima full of tradition and history, with fine strets and small colonial squares, where one can still sense the antique spirit of Lima.Barranco is situated just five minutes from tourist Miraflores, is famous for having the most bohemian and relaxing nightlife of Lima. We can find beautiful and fine houses, boulevards, parks and museums that reflect the glorious past of the "City of the Kings".During the day, Barraco is a quiet place,full of romantic sidewalks. The traditional wooden Bridge of Sighs built over a gully in the middle of leafy trees, represents a traditional stroll by old Lima. Walking by its main park, Bajada de Baños or visiting the old Library, the museum and the streetcar, these all take us to a nice ride to the past.

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